• the head studs and main stud torque specs are both 80/63. 80 is with 30wt oil/63 is with arp moly lube..
  • Nov 15, 2009 · I read on scats website and it said 45psi for the rod bolts, that seemed kind of strange to me (is it ft lbs in lbs etc.). Then I checked here and see that the stock rod bolts are a strech bolt.
  • Arp torque specs - Der absolute Favorit unserer Tester. Wie sehen die Amazon Bewertungen aus? Unabhängig davon, dass diese nicht selten verfälscht sein können, bringen diese generell einen guten Gesamteindruck.
  • Jan 01, 2011 · are in place, put a small amount of ARP moly lube on the tops of all washers. Coat all threads with Permatex 3H Aviation Form-a-Gasket (follow Permatex’s directions for set-up time), then place the bolts in their proper locations. Torque the bolts in the three stages. Stage One: 32 ft.-lbs. Stage Two: 52 ft.-lbs. Stage Three: 70 ft.-lbs.
  • Dec 10, 2012 · I have now run out of that style of (functioning) starter and am about to install a small staggered-bolt starter out of a 1995 Pickup (it has the aluminum snout) so I also was needing to know the correct torque specs for a SBC starter. I also just returned from the GM dealer, bought the correct "factory GM" starter bolts.
  • the 2001 and up 4.6 modulars use a smaller diameter camshaft sprocket bolt, which by coincidence is a TTY bolt....The torque spec is completely different from the 82-95 ftlb torque spec, that is pertinent to the 96-99 year camshaft bolt spec....
The torque spec is going to vary with the bolts you are using. Factory bolts should go to factory spec, various ARP and other bolts should be torqued according to their recommendation. Note that ARP engineers some of their sets to take the same torque for long and short, and the spec varies with what you use to lubricate the threads.
Mar 06, 2006 · Torque Specifications (ARP Head Studs)??? MKIII Supra. I'm about to replace my head gasket and was wondering what is the best torque specification for my 88 na supra?, I'm using ARP head studs.
Fasteners that list an angle are Torque to Yield (TTY). The specs listed are for stock fasteners. If you use ARP fasteners, follow the instructions that came with your new hardware. Answer ID 5190 | Published 03/22/2019 01:44 PM | Updated 11/12/2019 02:46 PM. Was this answer helpful? ...Cylinder Head Bolt Specs.: Engine Type D15B7 & D15B8 : Stage 1 - 22 ft lbs (30 Nm) Stage 2 - 48 ft lbs (65 Nm) Engine Type D15Z1 & D16Z6 Stage 1 - 22 ft lbs (30 Nm) Stage 2 - 53 ft lbs (73 Nm) Cylinder Head Bolt Tightening Sequence. SOHC ENGINES for Civic DX Intake Manifold-To-Cylinder Head Nut Specs.: 17 ft lbs (23 Nm) Check out the diagrams ...
Got mad at breaking studs and fucking up lug nuts so I upgraded to ARP studs and steel lug nuts, anyone else have to replace almost every stud on their 86 or just me (yes I torque to spec)
Torque to: Main Caps: Engine Oil: 100 ft-lbs. Main Cap Tie Bolts: Engine Oil: 45 ft-lbs. Warning!!! If you are using ARP bolts, you MUST use their specs. Click Here! Connecting Rod (7/16 bolts) Engine Oil: 75 ft-lbs. Cylinder Heads Iron Heads Aluminum Heads. Engine oil (blind hole) Sealer (water jacket) 75 ft-lbs. Pontiac Engine Torque Specs Bolts or Parts Lube or Sealer Torque to: Main Caps Engine Oil 95 ft-lbs. Rear Main Cap Engine Oil 120 ft-lbs. Warning!!! If you are using ARP bolts, you must use their specs. Stock Connecting Rod Bolts Assembly Lu
Specs: Cast iron dual quad w/500cfm Edelbrocks, 9.5compression, Hyd. Poly Cam with 290/.482 inch Advertised and [email protected] inch , 1.94/1.60 inch 11/32 inch Stainless Valves, a modest head flow of 208/151cfm @.500 inch lift, 16deg. initial adv. 34 total...should make a few more HP and Torque once the rings get used to their new home. -for example the torque spec is 60 ft lbs. Tighten them all first to say 5-10 ft lbs, then ideally...go right to 60, but if you physically can't do 30-60. I broke mine doing it in 10lbs increments. 12-22-32-42-54-68

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