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different (tom riddle x reader) pairing: tom riddle x reader. request: Can you do a Tom Riddle imagine where reader is a Slytherin and an extremely powerful one at that.She is smart and whenever Tom bullies/is mean to a student; she tells him off and that annoys Tom.
Hi!!! first i just wanted to say that your writing is lovely, i know you prefer angst but your fluff makes my heart soft梁. this might be a little off from draco that’s in the movie but do you think you could write (image or head cannon idc) about draco being with a hufflepuff that’s clumsy and shy and doesn’t stick up for herself ever and he just becomes super protective over her.
Draco x Reader Soulmate AU “Genre: Humor Word count: 1,035 Warnings: Swearing Main Masterlist Summary: Once you turn 16, the words your soulmate first say to you is written in ink on your wrist and... draco malfoy one shots <3. 23.2K 293 31. ... Draco Malfoy x reader oneshots . ... Slight bit of fluff in some ( just a warning)
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draco malfoy x reader smut. you’re joking around with cedric diggory and draco gets super jealous, you notice so you start to tease him and then draco shows you who you belong to Read Draco malfoy x reader from the story Various Harry Potter One-Shots by firecatcher__ (Firecatcher__) with 6,623 reads. shots, characters, one.
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