• Tired of having to carry multiple keys for your RV? You asked and we listened. Introducing the allOne lock and key system from Industrial Lock & Hardware Inc. One key for all the locks on your RV. From the front to the back and all the locks in between. Choose from an electronic door lock, cam locks to replacement cores for your slam latches.
  • Keep your luggage safe and secure with this locking baggage door latch. Replace your original Global Link or Kencon style baggage door latch on your RV with this Global Link baggage lock assembly. Can be keyed alike to match other Global Link locks.
  • Choose the most trusted and affordable brands through RV parts country. Our RV locks and latches are designed to fit a multitude of uses. We carry compartment, baggage, passage door, travel trailer, cam locks, and lock and Rv door latches and accessories. RV door locks are a hard to find item.
  • Standard, easy to obtain, pass keys are sold that will open most RV entrance door locks too. Don’t just take my word for it, there are lots of RVers attesting to this online… These [CH751] replacement keys are two of the most popular in the industry. — RV Wholesalers . Your RV isn’t always at a campground with honest people.
  • The move to a top-hinged door for the door-side baggage door was driven by dealer and prospective customer feedback. We had the new units at RV shows all winter and the feedback was resounding. That does not make it the best way to do it but it seemed like it was what people really wanted.
  • Lubricate this hinge by spraying premium RV silicone spray along the hinge from end to end after opening the door. Then, open the door and hold it parallel to the ground and spray the RV Silicone from the outside on the hinge area, then let the door fully open. Leave it up while you lubricate the other doors.
21 remove & replace rt # 1 baggage door upper panel 2.5 593.55 22 remove & install rt #1 baggage door rub rail 1.0 23 remove & install rt #1 baggage door inner panel 1.0 24 remove & install rt #1 baggage door handle .8 25 remove & install rt #1 baggage door dock lights 1.0 26 remove & replace panel post rub rail between #1 & 1.0 196.95 27 ...
Locking Baggage Door Latch Set. Keyed to G-391 Unless otherwise specified in comments box. (We can key this lock to any Global Link Code) Direct Replacement for Kencon Style Latch (IBL-605BLK) with plunger mounted behind extrusion.Included in set are:Locking Baggage Door ActuatorMounting Plate with Plunger to be mounted on the interior of the door. 8-32 x 7/8" Mounting Screws(4)One Key
From RV cargo door latches to keys, locks and complete door replacements, you’ll find all the baggage door parts and accessories you need to keep belongings securely stored. If you’re not sure whether one of our listed parts is compatible with your RV, be sure to contact us or give us a call at 616-965-9633. Keep baggage compartment open while loading or unloading. This functional catch mounts on your R.V. and allows you to enjoy easy, hassle free access. Mounts from above or side of door and folds back after use. Available in all metal chrome catch or color matched ABS plastic.
Radius Corner RV Baggage Doors. This product is similar to the square corner baggage door, but has a radius corner design. The product can be fitted slightly larger in width than the square corner baggage door going from 14 inches to 71.5 inches in width specification options. The height options are from 14.5 inches to 46.5 inches.
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2- Check that the latch mechanism is aligned properly for the door latch to fully envelope the latch pin on the door frame. 3- Check (and hope) that the door latch mechanism is operating properly with the door open (there should be a metal piece that will slide over the door frame pin when the door is closed.High security baggage door lock. Round alarm style key greatly improved the security of your baggage door compartments. Chrome plated with round face. Two keys per lock. Available in 4 lengths with straight cam & offset. Carded or bulk for OEM applications. Four packs come with 2 keys. locks are keyed alike. Replacement keys are available.

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