• The Russian Blue is a clever breed that enjoys the company of its family. They are the type of breed that can be trained to fetch and play games with you. These cats are happy to spend some time alone and they can amuse themselves. Once you are home the Russian Blue will most likely follow you from room to room because they also love human company.
  • Oct 18, 2013 · Russian Blue cats are a lean, medium-sized breed with a short but dense and lush double-coat with a seal-like texture. Its color has to be a solid bluish-grey with a well-defined silvery sheen coming from the dilute manifestation of the black gene. Ideally, the Russian Blue cat will have no trace of white or tabby markings.
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  • Bluestar is a Russian Blue cat in the Warriors series. Bluestar is a member of the StarClan, the fifth clan and spirit home of the cats warrior ancestors, in the Warrior series. She is described as strong, kind, wise, and beloved. She was six and a half years old when she died by drowning.
  • Unlike slate Blue, Russian Blue does not vary much in intensity of color. You do not find lightly colored or darkly colored Russian Blues. Instead, some Russian Blues are an even blue-gray color and others have a brown tint to their coats. They also rarely have much silvering in their coats, quite unlike...
  • Arctic Snowflake was mated to Eastern Ninotchka (blue) and produced Myemgay Arctic Kosack (male 4th generation Russian White). At this time no Russian Whites had left Myemgay Cattery as the RAS Cat Club only fully registered cats when they reached the 4th generation. Up to this stage they had been on the provisional register.
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Royal Blue Cats and Kittens for sale in the US Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Royal Blue Cat, home of Russian Blue Cat. Happy, Healthy Bloodline Our cattery is enclosed. It means that we don’t take cats from other catteries for animal breeding and we are not interested in mating with unfamiliar cats.
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We are a small russian Blue cattery located in rockford, illinois, 90 nortwest of chicago. our cats are raised in a family environment with lots of love and attention Full Pedigree Russian blues. This advert is located in and around Bradford, West Yorkshire. I have a litter of stunning full pedigree Russian Blue kittens. I have 2 boys and 2 girls available which are ready to leave end of October. Viewings welcome and deposits required to secure a kitten....
Aug 11, 2007 · During the early 1970s, Mavis Jones, a Russian Blue breeder in Australia, mated a domestic white cat with a Russian Blue with the intent to create a solid white Russian Blue. By the late 1970s, the Russian White and Russian Black colors were accepted by cat fanciers in Australia as Russian cats. Russian Blues are an affectionate, calm breed. They love cuddling with people and are very intelligent cats. Some of our kittens have learned to fetch, walk Our Russian Blues from the Latvia lineage are much the same but darker, with a more powerful facial structure comapred to the delicate looks of the...

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