• Antenna and SDRplay set-up for HF diversity reception (rev1). You are watching me configure my SDRplay RSPduo to receive WSPR and test the performance of my antenna for receiving ...
  • SDRplay RSP-1A SDR RECEIVER. (2 reviews) Write a review. Add To Cart View Details Wishlist. USB A-B Cable. SDRplay. £2.49(Inc VAT at 20%).
  • all that is fine with me, I do mainly HF bands and MW/LW plus some 79 and 118 MHz (ok around that) listening, and once I properly set up the whole antenna system (including grounding and feedline) I had no issues, plus the better dynamic range of MSi.SDR allowed me to handle conditions which a bare RTLSDR unit wouldn't gracefully handle, again ...
  • SDRPlay RSPduo 1KHz to 2GHz Double Tuner 14 Bit . The new SDRPlay RSPduo is a 14-bit SDR dual receiver that covers from 1kHz to 2GHz (without hole), with dual-tuner (simultaneous reception on 2 different antennas). The SDRDuo is equipped with a
  • Antennas for QO-100. WIFI Grid linear. Helix RHCP. Patch Array. Patch Array WA5VJB. Separate Dish Antennas for Up- and Downlink. 2.4 GHz uplink of NB and WB TPX is RHCP, 10 GHz downlink...
  • SDRPlay. 4,675 likes · 73 talking about this. SDRplay produces Software Defined Radio (SDR) products such as the Radio Spectrum Processor (RSP)
Nov 27, 2020 · I wanted to get an idea of how far a transmitting antenna should be from a connected SDRPlay. Under the table are the resources I used to calculate these distances, which are approximations. Assumptions are rigs in general use, 100W HF sets, 10W QRP HF sets, 50W mobiles for 2M/70CM, and common walkie talkies at 5W.
Nov 01, 2019 · The SDRplay RSPdx is a complete redesign of the popular RSP2 and RSP2pro multi-antenna receiver. It’s a wideband fullfeatured 14-bit SDR which covers the entire RF spectrum from 1kHz to 2GHz.
The SDRplay RSP1 is a popular and powerful wideband full featured 14-bit SDR which covers the RF spectrum from 1KHz to 2GHz. Due to its exceptional combination of performance and price, the RSP1 has to be a very popular choice as an "entry level" SDR receiver. For antennas, we measure the bandwidth in multiples of the center frequency. For example, an antenna working well from 2.3 GHz to 2.5 GHz has a bandwidth of 200 MHz, with a center frequency of 2.4 GHz – that's a fractional bandwidth of $\frac{200\,\text{MHz}}{2400\,\text{MHz}} = \frac1{12}$. wideband antennas
SDRplay RSP2, Duo, RSP1 Antenna Adapter Connector cable ... 640 x 479 jpeg 41 КБ. play.fallows.ca. RSP2 Antenna Connections Provide Choices - Making It Up. 494 x 280 jpeg 37 КБ.
DX Engineering Hexxagonal Beam Hexx Hubs have a unique design that can be used in the construction of either the classic or the G3TXQ broadband hex beam antennas. Or even your own homebrew creation! Made of cast aluminum, these exclusive DX Engineering patented* Hexx hubs are the heart of the DX Engineering Hexxagonal Beam. They provide the lightest weight, with consistent mechanical strength ... SDRPlay. 4,635 likes · 37 talking about this. SDRplay produces Software Defined Radio (SDR) products such as the Radio Spectrum Processor (RSP)
This video shows the antenna set-up, and an HF diversity reception demo using the RSPduo. It illustrates the benefits possible with this 7MHz amateur radio...

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